Active Learning

LaSalle College is equipped with a collaborative lab-room specially designed for students in Early Childhood Education: the mini-lab. This facility, which was designed to replicate the work environment of early childhood educators, is used from the very first semester, long before students begin their internship, to prioritize the practical side of the training.

In addition to increasing the know-how of future educators, the mini-lab allows students to work with stimulating and diverse materials. Our teachers, who are known for their very humanistic approach, benefit from many more opportunities for feedback in a classroom like this one. In fact, some practical exams take place in this room.

Toy kitchen setup in a classroom with colorful utensils, and children's artwork on the walls. 

A multifunctional classroom

In the mini-lab, students have the opportunity to develop their animation skills. Since free play is the most important motor in a child's development, this room includes different areas with a specific theme for each of them.

Students also learn to develop their sense of observation thanks to the one-way mirror. This feature allows the people on the other side of the glass to forget that they are in an observational context, which allows a more authentic observation.

Finally, in this room, students learn how to apply basic techniques, manage the resources available to them, and maintain the space according to safety, sanitation, and cleaning procedures.

A bookshelf filled with a variety of colorful children's books in a classroom setting.

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